Last Updated 15 January 2020

using computer to find lost coin

Inflection Point for Bitcoin

Where Mining is no longer Profitable, where 'Scanning' for Lost Coin is a more profitable exploit of CPU/GPU, and Electric power.

Why is 2018 the "Year of Block-Chain "Coin Detectors"'?

Detecting lost bitcoins

All New complete Bitcoin "Coin Detection System", find lost coins, finds pristine unused/pre-mined coins. Scan any and all block-chains ( bitcoin clones, and  ethereum, ... )

Scanning in 2018 - What does the state of the art 'Coin Detection' look like compared to 2012 or 2015?

Gpu Flayer - GPU tool for searching public key bases at high speeds using 100% GPU with onboard bloom filtering. Using advanced search algorithms and and forwarding false-positives on to large bloom-filters and Tries.

Super-Trie - Complete package of tools to search for keys and addresses using binary tree where list is 10's of billion's. Tries are 64GB or larger binary files that list in order all keys either found or desired, using binary search and only a few disk accesses are required in search. ( A list of numbers exceeding 2GB )

Super Brain-Flayer - completely re-written brainflayer with new options, and additional support for baby-step/giant-step when searching for private keys that match public-key lists.

Super-Bloom-Filter's - An entire package of bloom filtering tools from 512mb to 32 GB. Bloom filters are 'in memory' bit arrays that let us know if a found private-key is valuable or not, very fast no disk required. ( A list of large number from 50k to 500m )

Super-Sieve - Package of tools for decomposing public-keys into primes; Useful for doing 'smart search' of public key using Lambda*(X,Y)=(Eta*x,y), model of ECDSA decomposition. Lamda of course is our private key ( Q=d*P ).

Addresses for All of BITCOIN for all time. All public keys and all hash-160 addresses, sorted in groups under 500k satoshi (0.5 btc),1m satoshi, 10m satoshi, and All addresses and keys which are very large files. All data included, of course you should run tools daily to acquire new data ( addresses ) as they are generated on the 'mining pool'.

All tools are provided for addresss/public-key generation, all tools are written in python, and all tools process the block-chain directly; Since all block-chains are derived from 'bitcoin' its fairly easy to re-deploy the software to any crypto-coin

Management - Shell Management; All these tasks require shell's to manage the process. Scrubbers need to run every 10 minutes to get the new block chain data and add it to the hash-address lists. New addresses need to be checked to see if any are high-value. Bloom Filters and Tries must be updated as new high-value addresses are found. All these management tools are included.

Machine-Learning & Blockchain - Also included is a complete LSTM/RNN system for blockchain analysis of addresses, public-keys, and private-keys. RNN is Recursive Neural Network, these are the best tools to use for 'sequence analysis', here we are looking for patterns in the public-keys, and hashed-sha addresses, and private-key correspondence. Also patterns in brain-wallet passwords, and private keys used directly. For a complete understanding of the blockchain data these tools are essential.

A mention about Bloom Filters and Tries; Our tools to validate lost coins.

Typically it takes 16-42 bits to represent a number in a bloom-filter, where the number is 256 bits ( a big number ), thus a 512mb bloom can support about 50k large numbers, more than than it generates 'false positives'. When a list of number is greater than 1 billion then of course 32gb bloom filter would be required, and most system's don't support such memory requirement. Most gpu's support allocation about 50% of their total gpu memory to one allocation. Fortunately for 'bitcoin' there are only 100k valuable addresses, but there are 500m 'used addresses', and about 1m with value. Thus a 1GB bloom can support all valuable address, and a 8GB TRIE can support all addresses of 'value' greater than zero.

Mail today to inflection@protonmail.com for information, we offer our software to be ran your hardware mining-gpu-pool, or you can purchase the software for a reasonable amount ( Usually 0.5 BTC ), if your poor in a 3rd world, then we offer special discount.

Safe communication, use z_address ( zen cash messaging  wallet ) zcUoCoz5pujtbqbEx2pwdrBtziLnYrdSVvRjFH15wnUK9RiYeX6J5rgQM7Pc4qTaCxaRtNQeEMoEUGUntj9iA7zCQegVS1V

Why Zen? Because BTC is not private, its not secure, and its not safe, it was just 'first'. The first rarely outlast the newer better stuff that comes along.